The Newfoundland Beer History Project, “A Historical Sketch of Brewing in Newfoundland,” was started in 2012 to sort out some of the chronology of Newfoundland’s unique old beer brands. The Project focuses on the chronology, material culture, and history of beer and brewing in Newfoundland. The goal is to present a living history of Newfoundland brewing in a clear and visually exciting manner.

If you have any oral histories, old bottles, or pictures, please get in touch! The NBH Project collection is always growing and we are always looking for new images of old labels and other bits of information.

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Who is the NBH Project?

Chris Conway is the primary contributor to the project. Chris is a beer enthusiast and home-brewer from Newfoundland. He is currently a PhD candidate in the History of Technology at the University of Toronto and, while beer is not his official research topic, it’s something he is really passionate about. For more on Chris’ opinions on beer, follow him on twitter @groulxsome or read an interview he did with the Atlantic Canada Beer Blog.


Any advertisements that appear on this blog (that are not historical beer ones) are not in support of the project; they are just part of the hosting service at wordpress. This is a not-for-profit project and is not affiliated with any of the breweries/corporations being studied, including any of Newfoundland’s craft breweries. All written works are under the Creative Commons share alike licence (it basically means please cite the project and please, please let us know what you’re up to if you do want to use this material). The project does not assert any copyright on archival images or photographs unless so noted. Any photographs from readers are shared with their permission.